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SmithBio is your trusted and highly experienced partner for development and manufacturing.

Our international team of process experts and renowned technology partners are available to provide process design and optimization support for new and existing processing. We offer support at every stage, including for feasibility study and creation of User Requirement Specifications, process design and engineering, development of cell lines, process development and scale-up, remediation of your process equipment to meet cGMP standards, and technology support to increase the production capacity of your current process.

SmithBio remains committed to promoting advanced technologies, and to bringing you more considerate user experience and value-added products and services. We work closely together with you throughout the whole process, from translating your processing requirements into engineering specifications to installation and validation/ of the agreed processing equipment within the set timelines.

SmithBio offers automated cGMP compliant processing systems that meet your highest expectations for production volumes ranging from research- and pilot-scale to production scale of >10.000L. State-of-the-art technology and industrial benchmark solutions can be made available to support your specific needs. These technologies offer advantages in process efficiency for research and development as well as pilot plant and production scale processes.

Our Industrial cGMP compliant range of automated systems include

- pilot- and production scale cell cultivation and fermentation equipment

- distribution and storage systems for feeding, harvesting, heating, mixing and/or transportation of process fluids

- automated CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization systems

For convenience during operation and maintenance, all necessary piping is mounted on an open stainless-steel frame, stationary or mobile. The open-frame design allows for easy access of components and helps to save equipment space. SmithBio’s clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place systems can be hard pipe connected of flexible docked and operated in fully automatic mode.

All systems are customized to meet your User Requirements Specification (URS), and provide you with an instantly available complete solution. Our experienced team of design and engineering professionals are available to provide you with a tailor-made processing solution that meets your current and future production challenges. Our project support engineers have an in-depth understanding of industrial processing and have successfully completed many projects.

Customization and upgrade options include a range of options for optimizing the equipment configuration, processing features and process control analytics.

Our engineers are available on-site with delivery and will assemble and commission the installation, and support validation (IQ/OQ) with documentation included. Upon request production qualification (PQ) and registration support can be offered.

Our after-sales and technical support team is available to support you with any questions or need related to process design and optimization, or instrument related operation, installation, training, and technical support.

SmithBio manufactured products are also available under OEM label.