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SmithBio is experienced in product-process integration and capable of developing cross-disciplinary products and technologies for the bacterial, yeast, fungi fermentation and cell culture industry. In addition to selling individual products, we also support customers with a full package of products and services to quickly develop and establish their mass production process.

We offer customized process optimization solutions for cell therapy (CAR-T) products, vaccines, viral vector technologies, biosimilars, antibodies and recombinant proteins for non-GMP and GMP manufacturing.

SmithBio's customized process solutions include those involving

- bacterial and yeast fermentation

- batch, fed batch and perfusion cell cultivation modes

- suspended cell, adherent cell, and fixed bed cultivation modes

- aseptic processing and up-scaling.

SmithBio also supports development, optimization and testing of adjuvants.

SmithBio's experienced team of process experts and connected global partners can support you in every phase of your process development, from development and optimization of the expression system and (GMP) host cell lines, through tailoring of your individual requirements all the way to up-scaling for industrial production.

Contact us to find out more about our customized process development solutions.