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SmithBio’s technical service and after sales support offering includes:

- phone and on-line diagnostics support, assistance from a qualified engineer by telephone and internet; we offer telephone and internet support during office hours and for five days per week (Mon-Fri).

Trained support staff is available to answer your questions and troubleshoot your issues. Depending on your needs we can offer direct support on-site to determine the cause of failure and offer a corrective solution.

- scheduled maintenance service; our qualified engineer will perform a complete annual service check of all components (function and calibration), control system and software, followed by operation and functionality testing and reporting documentation. To ensure maximum up-time and a long, trouble free life of your bioprocessing equipment, we recommend an annual maintenance service check as a preventive procedure.

- incidental call-out request for restoring malfunction on-site; our qualified engineer will review the equipment’s condition and history of operation and any incidences, in order to trouble-shoot the malfunction and determine the root cause. Immediately on-site we can offer a corrective solution for repair/replace malfunctional components, followed by relevant functionality tested and reporting.

- GMP installation and validation support, with full documentation package; our team of qualified engineers offer GMP installation and validation support including SAT, operation and maintenance training and validation support (IQ, OQ). Upon request we also support PQ validation.

- refresh and advanced training services including for SCADA and process control; we offer tailor-made training support depending on your specific needs. After the training is concluded each participant will receive a personalized document to assure that your operators are qualified to operate validated processes.

- relocation and (optional) revalidation support, with documentation; our team of qualified engineers can assist you with relocation of your bioprocessing equipment. Our assistance with relocation includes on-site pre-inspection of access, utilities, connections, and customer regulations. Our support includes disassembly and re-assembly of the equipment, followed by connecting to utilities, SAT functionality tests and start up, all fully documented. In addition, we offer GMP revalidation support (IQ) with full documentation. All activities will be completed within the agreed set timeframe, after which your equipment is again ready for operation.

Our after-sales and technical support team is available to support you with any questions or need related to instrument operation, maintenance, installation, validation, training, and technical support.