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The biopharmaceutical Industry is observing the highest hygiene and sterility standards, to protect the people working in controlled area's and to prevent the risk of contamination of the product.

Smithbio's fully automated and sanitary design CIP systems are being used for thorough and consistent cleaning of bioreactors, fermenters and bioprocess vessels up to 20.000L, eliminating the need for disassembly and for re-establishing connections. Our CIP systems are being used for cGMP production of FDA approved pharmaceuticals and are installed at site including a full GMP documentation package.

We offer customized CIP solutions designed in accordance with the EHEDG (European Sanitary Device Design Group) guidelines and configured to meet your requirements. Our process support engineers are available to assist you with configuring the optimal most economic CIP system and automation & control platform, based on your URS and other needs. After FAT and delivery, our engineers will test and commission the system on site and train your operation staff. Optional services include IQ, OQ and PQ validation support and documentation.