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SmithBio manufactures the BioTop Series of automated laboratory scale cell cultivation and fermentation systems. The range of flexible configuration BioTop systems may be upgraded or expanded to optimally satisfy the need for basic R&D experiments or process optimization and parallel processing experiments involving many process parameters and conditions, for working volumes up to 10L.

The BioTop L is a fully functional bioreactor system for cell cultivation and bacterial fermentation. The equipment configuration and software features meet all the functions that are required for safe, reliable, and user-friendly operation. The BioTop L is the system of choice for universities, teaching purposes, and for basic R&D experiments. The integrated PC and display minimize the footprint of the system. The BioTop L is designed for operation and control of 1 reactor vessel.

The BioTop C and D are the best choice for process R&D studies that include cell cultivation and/or bacterial fermentation using CHO cells, animal cells, insect cells, plant cells, yeast, fungi, E. coli and other. BioTop C and D systems support a wide range of applications including batch process, fed-batch process and perfusion process cultivation of suspended cells, micro-carrier adherent cells or fixed bed adherent cells.

The BioTop C is designed for operation and control of 1 reactor vessel, The BioTopD is designed for simultaneous operation and control of 2 reactor vessels. The BioTopD system can be expanded for operation and control of up to 36 reactor vessels in parallel.

The compact design, flexible configuration and powerful GAMP compliant operation and control platform make the BioTop C and D systems most suitable for process exploration and optimization involving many process parameters and conditions. The advanced software allows for easy operation, fast and graphic tracking of parameters and parallel screening of experimental results. The dedicated operation and control platform is used for all SmithBio automated systems of any type or volume, from laboratory research ProLab systems to full production processing skids. The equipment configuration can easily be customized, upgraded, or expanded to meet the requirements of different applications, which improves preparation efficiency in-between experiments.

BioTop systems may be configured to include options such as cell-free sampling, additional gas supply, additional analytical sensors, gas analysis, and more. State-of-the-art technology and new process control and analytical testing solutions can be made available to support your specific needs. These technologies offer advantages in process efficiency for research and development as well as pilot plant and production scale processes.