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SmithBio’s range of services include

- technical service (scheduled maintenance and call-out technical support)

- after-sales service (installation, validation, training, relocation)

- customized services (equipment remediation and upgrade, process development, analytical and QC testing)

- OEM manufacturing services.

SmithBio’s qualified engineers have an in-depth product knowledge and can spot potential issues before they can cause a problem. Proper maintenance service helps you to keep your bioprocessing equipment operating reliably, minimizes down time and optimizes your production process to deliver reliable and consistent quality products. Our engineers provide excellent service and provide advice to mitigate risk and help improve efficiency.

SmithBio’s bioprocessing equipment has a warranty of one year after delivery (materials and workmanship). Normal consumable items such as for example glassware, sensors, O-rings, bearings, seals, and gaskets are not included in the warranty. Warranty may be voided in case of misuse, abuse, or accidental damage and by unauthorized disassembly of the equipment.

SmithBio’s service support capabilities include scheduled maintenance and call-out technical service and after-sales support services such as for GMP installation and validation, refresh and advanced SCADA and process control operator training, and equipment relocation support.

Our customized support services include equipment remediation and upgrade services, process development support, analytical and QC testing services and OEM manufacturing services.

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